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Organic Cold Processed Soap

Patchouli Rain Cold Processed Soap

Kaura India
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With the help of the soothing scent of patchouli essential oil, this soap will cleanse your mind and leave you stress-free.

This soap is an amazing blend of cocoa butter, golden jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, nourishing coconut, and shea butter.

The blend of ingredients creates creamy silky bubbles. You will fall in love with the aroma of soap.


The extra virgin olive oil in the soap hydrates the skin by creating a skin’s moisture barrier for restricting the loss of moisture.

Jojoba oil is full of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin E and B and antioxidants and minerals that help to nourish and protect the skin.

Key Ingredients: Saponification of coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, aqua, golden jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, almond milk, patchouli essential oil.

Net Weight: 100g approx

Handmade in India. Vegan recipe.