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Mitti Planter

Mitti Planter

Air Plant PLanet
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Mitti Planter - The easy planting solution. 


Mitti Planter gives you a hassle-free solution for your indoor garden. An ancient practice modernized for sustainable (easy, clean, minimal maintenance) plantation using the hydroponic method. 


What is Mitti Planter? The Mitti Planter is an indoor home for the plants. It was built with the perception to add nature into our living space. It is an earthenware built with the properties of the earth(soil). It has been given a simple structure to hold the seeds/plants on the surface and give shape to its roots. At the same time, it acts as a water storage tank to provide an adequate amount of water to your plant. 


How does it work? The Mitti Planter works on the hydroponic method. The outer surface of the container holds the seeds and once they sprout it gives surface for their roots to grow. On the other hand, the inner of the container is to be filled with water, the water then passes onto the other side i.e the surface of the container to keep it moist enough for the plants to drink. 


Now you can enjoy the journey of your plant from seed to sapling and sapling to plant without any use of soil or dirt. 




Height: 21 to 23 CM 

Bottom : 13 to 14 CM 

Top: 7 to 8 CM